after watching battle royale it’s obvious there are a lot of similarities but I think the biggest DIFFERENCEEEEEEEEE is that those kids have no idea what they’re getting into

everyone in the hunger games has known about this forever and it’s just become tradition to them, so killing might be difficult to do but at the same time it’s instinct. 

battle royale is just a random class of kids who all grew up together and now suddenly have to kill eachother off

some of them just commit suicide, most try to survive and hideout

only a select few are actually out killing

and I love how a lot of them are shocked when they hear another has killed and they’ll freak out saying muRDERERRRRRRR

it’s more depressing because they’ll confess who they love, why didn’t you talk to me? why didn’t you like me back? we were friends right? it makes the struggle and battle more emotional that way

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